Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, & The Surrounding SC Lowcountry

Community Fees

Hilton Head POA HOA FeesMany of the neighborhoods in Hilton Head Island, Bluffton and the surrounding Lowcountry are privately owned communities, often referred to as Plantations or Resorts.  As they are privately owned, each one pays for the community up-keep and maintenance, roads, staffing, review boards and various other amenities such as bike paths, security, public pools and fitness centers.  As a result, each community may have its own set of fees for property owners.  Such fees may include a combination of the following:

  • HOA (or POA) Fees:  This is the overall fee for owning a property within a private community to cover the community’s annual operating budget.  An HOA/POA may be differentiated between improved and unimproved properties.  Generally, an improved property is a lot with a home built on it while an unimproved property is an undeveloped lot.
  • Capital Improvement Fees, Enhancement Fees and Special Assessments:  These are additional fees used to pay for community projects and enhancements such as a new club house or major improvements and renovations.  Capital Improvement fees are usually an upfront, one-time fee for new homeowners and Enhancement Fees or Special assessments are generally approved by the board for a distinct period of time and are not permanent fees.
  • Transfer Fees:  Many communities, developers and towns have a transfer fee which is charged to the seller of a property when it is sold. Also known as reconveyance fees, recovery fees, capital recovery fees, or resale fees, a private transfer fee is a charge that is required to be paid to a developer, town or HOA at closing each time a property is sold. The transfer fee is attached to the property as a covenant.
  • Initiation/Administrative Fees:  An initiation fee is billed to the buyer of a property and is usually for administrative costs.
  • Membership Fees:  Many communities have golf, tennis, club or social memberships available to residents.  These fees pay for a multitude of amenities offers specifically by the club. Some communities require memberships while others make it optional.
  • Minimum Food and Beverage:  Some communities with a club restaurant require a minimum food and beverage purchase.


Below is a list of most Community HOA/POA Fees along with any transfer and initiation fees*:

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CommunityPOA ImprovedPOA UnimprovedTransfer/Other FeesLast Updated
Belfair$20,588 annually (billed semi-annually May and Nov.)$20,588 annually (billed semi-annually May and Nov.) + $500 annual mowing fee$70,000 one-time initiation fee. April 6, 2023
Berkeley Hall$24,320 annually$24,320 annually$65,000 one-time initiation fee. $6,935- National Golf Membership.February 9, 2023
Callawassie$2,418 annually plus $931 monthly operating dues and capital contribution and $75 monthly debt service required.Villas are independent properties sharing a common side wall. Membership in the Heron Walk Association, at a fee of $480 per quarter, is required$35,000 one-time initiation fee. Unlimited Golf for an additional $330/month OR Pay-as-you-Play Golf for $70 per round. $3500 Dock Lease based on availability. Initiation fee will increase to $50,000 in OctoberApril 6, 2023
Colleton River"Full Membership $27,125.00 annually, Limited Lifestyle Membership $18,264.00 annually (billed semi-annually, June and Dec.) ""Full Membership $27,125.00 annually, Limited Lifestyle Membership $18,264.00 annually (billed semi-annually, June and Dec.) "$90,000 one-time initiation fee. January 16th 2023
Crescent$2,295 annually $2,295 annually June 1, 2023
Eagles Pointe$1,508 annually, paid in quarterly installments of $377.00 per quarter .Not applicable$100 new owner fee. $42.00/Per Quarter for optional trash serviceJuly 5, 2023
Farm at Buckwalter$988.71 annually ($494.36 semi-annually)Not applicable.One-time transfer fee of 2.5 % of sales price.July 5, 2023
Forest BeachOptional, $125 annually.Optional, $125 annually.None.June 1, 2023
Four Seasons at Carolina Oaks$2400 AnnuallyN/A$1,000 Capital Contribution plus $400, Resales: 1/3% Transfer feesOctober 5, 2022
Hampton Hall$5,098 annually, paid in monthly installments of $424.80One-time social membership fee of $23,000. One-time capital fund contribution fee of $1,275. January 4, 2023
Hampton Lake$4,222 annually$4,222 annuallyOne-time capital contribution fee of 0.5% of the unit's gross selling price. $150 Admin Fee per transaction. Please note, Hampton Lake has 3 separate areas Prices may very based on community area. April 24, 2023
The Haven at New Riverside$2,616 annually at $218 per monthNot applicable.One-time transfer fee of 1/3 of 1% on sale price of re-sales, or $1000 one-time transfer fee for new homes.May 24, 2023
Hilton Head Lakes$2440 annually$1,720 annnually$286.66 one-time fee for Capital Reserve Fund - Paid at closingNovember 9, 2022
Hilton Head Plantation$1,286 annually$728 annuallyOne-time transfer fee of 1/4 of 1% of sale price with a cap at 6288.40February 16, 2023
Indigo RunGolden Bear: $2281; The Golf Club: $2281; Broad Pointe: $3675; River Club: $3719. Golden Bear: $1820; The Golf Club: $2220; Broad Pointe: $3167; River Club: $3070
One-time initiation/transfer fee is$3.890 for Homes and $3,306 for Lots; $250 is added as a one-time processing fee.February 9, 2023
Island West$1,510 annuallyNot applicableOne-time transfer fee of 1/4 of 1% of sales price, paid to POA by seller.August 8, 2022
Lawton Station$1,726 annuallyNot applicable$290 one-time working capital feeAugust 8, 2022
Leamington $3,232 annually (Villas $923 Annually-no transfer fee )$3,232 annuallyResidential Enhancement Fee - ½ of 1%, of
purchase price, maximum $10,600
July 5, 2023
Long Cove$16,458 annually$16,458 annually$50,000 one-time initiation fee starting October 23, 2023August 30, 2023
Mill Creek at Cypress RidgeSingle Family Homes: $1,392 annually OR $116/month; Townhomes: $2520 annually OR $210/month. New Townhomes: $2820 annually OR $235/month. Townhome fee Includes landscaping and yearly power washing. Not applicableOne-time transfer fee of 1/2 of 1% of sales price.April 3, 2023
Moss Creek$7,032-annually or $586 per month$5,832 annually or $486 per month$30,000 Membership Certificate/initiation fee. Optional $1,500 activity fee or pay per activity March 29, 2023
Oldfield$10,744 annually$10,744 annually1% flat fee of the Gross Selling Price of the Unit. The Community Enhancement and Marketing Fee on any Unit transfer shall not exceed $8,000.February 9, 2023
Palmetto Bluff$11,210 annually$875 working capital. Transfer fee of 1% for unimproved and 3/4 of 1% for improved.February 9, 2023
Palmetto Dunes$1,900 annually+ $98 Storm Reserve Assesment $1,900 annually+ $98 Storm Reserve AssesmentCommunity Enhancement Fee: 1/2 of 1% of sales price plus $200 transfer fee from sellerFebruary 16, 2023
Palmetto Hall$1,915 annually, plus social or golf membership is required for an additional Fee.$1,436 annually, plus social or golf membership is required for an additional Fee$3000 Capital Reserve Fee (CRF) for homes and two payments of $1500 for lots, one as a down payment and one when home construction commences.October 31, 2022, starting January 1, 2023
Port Royal$2,000 annually + annual beach house assessment$1,700 annuallyTransfer fee: 1/2 of 1% of sales priceJune 1, 2023
Riverton Pointe$1,068 annually. Billed $89.00/monthly$1,068 annually. Billed $89.00/monthlyOne-time capital contribution fee of $2000. One-time transfer fee of $4,000. One-time processing fee of $35. One-time fee for Resale Certificate is about $250, but can vary. Carriage Homes have additional one-time initial maintenance fee equal to two months of the exterior landscape maintenance fee of $95 per month. Villa homes have an additional one-time initial regime fee equal to two months of the regime fee at $252 per month and a $35.00 processing fee. . All fees are due at closing.August 8, 2022
Rose Dhu Creek$1,850 annually$1,850 annually$3500 Transfer FeeJuly 5, 2023
Rose Hill$2500 annually (Payable Quarterly - $625 each)$1,664 annually (Payable Quarterly-$416 each)$3750 Transfer fee, plus $200 administrative fee for resales
Community Enhancement Fee - $1500
March 31, 2023
Sea Pines $1,887 annually$686 annuallyNo Transfer Fee. Please note that some subdivisions of Sea Pines may have additional fees for private amenities, maintenance, etc. June 1, 2023
Shell Hall$1,756 annuallyNot applicable$1000 Initiation fee; $400 capital contribution for new developer homesJune 1, 2023
Shelter Cove$1,289 annuallyNot applicable1/2 of 1% of Sales Price Transfer Fee & $200 Processing Fee for each sale; Most individual Villa Communities have additional regime fees.June 1, 2023
Shipyard$1080 annually$1080 annuallyEnhancement Fee is 1/2 of 1% of sales price to be paid by SellerJune 5, 2023
Spanish Wells$1,906 annually$1,221 annuallyNoneFebruary 16, 2023
Spring Island$27,755 anually$18,716 Clubhouse fees and $7,141 Maintenance FeesFebruary 9, 2023
Sun City$2,469 base annually ($617.25/quarter), Note annual neighborhood assessment may apply. Some neighborhoods may also charge for required landscaping maintenance.
Sun City North: $3,164/year with dues billed quarterly at $263.67/month. (Sun City North Location Includes Lawn Maintenance)
Not applicable to Sun City proper. See Riverbend for unimproved POA fees in that Sun City community.1/3 of 1% of the selling price. - New Member Fee - resales only, $1000 Community Enhancement fee resale - resales only, $200 Administrative Transfer FeeFebruary 6, 2023
University Park$1,500 annually, paid in monthly installments of $125.Not applicable1/2 of 1% of sales priceFebruary 3, 2022
Westbury Park$1764 annually, or pay quarterly installments of $441Not applicable1/4 of 1% of sales price - Admin Fee $150.00August 9, 2022
WexfordThe Regular Assessments Total of $18,860
payable quarterly at $4,715*
provides property owners all-inclusive use of the
community amenities.)...See Schedule of Fees
Initiation fee of $20,400 for homes, $10,200 for lots. Food and beverage minimum for all properies is $1,350 annually divided into semi-annual amounts of $675.February 6, 2023
Windmill Harbour$3,056 annually. $764.00 per quarter$1,456 annually. Annual vacant lot maintenance fee is $364. Boat-slips are $764 annually. Additional fees may applyFebruary 9, 2023
Paddocks on Jarvis Creek$1,675 annually.$1,925 annuallyTransfer fee of $1,000 for Capital ReserveJune 5, 2023
Riverbend$2,352/annually (same as Sun City), $588/quarterly. Annual neighborhood assessment may also apply. $2,352 annually, plus annual neighborhood assessment may apply. Some neigborhoods may also charge for required landscaping maintenance.1/3 of 1% of sales price - New Member Fee - resales only, $1250 Community Enhancement fee - resales only, $200 Administrative Transfer FeeFebruary 2022
Hilton Head Harbour RV Resort$2,580 annually/$645 Quarterly$2,580 annually/$645 QuarterlyNoneAugust 9, 2022
Hilton Head Island MotorCoach Resort
$825 Quarterly$825 Quarterly$200 Transfer Fee+ 950 Closing fee + $125 waiver feeJune 5, 2023
Melrose$1000 annually$800 annuallyImproved lots include trash pickup at the property.February 5. 2022
Haig Point Club$17,962 annually. $4,490.50 quarterly. See Documents for Fee Schedules$20,000 one-time initiation fee February 9, 2023
Bloody Point$1380 annually$1,150 annuallyFebruary 5, 2022
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